Migrating Applications to AWS Training - expertise and experience in managing cloud migration AWS

Online Workshop on Migrating application to AWS will help you gain expertise andexperience in managing cloud migration without any downtimes. Migrating Applications to AWS
(Amazon Web Services) Training will help you become proficient in Migrating Strategies, Migrating
Web Applications, Database Migration, Batch Processes, and Backend Processing Pipeline to AWS
Cloud using the best migration practices suggested by AWS
Instructor-led Migrating Applications to AWS Training live online classes

SAT & SUN (3 WEEKS) Weekend BatchFILLING FAST Timings - 04:00 PM to 07:00 PM (WEST)
SAT & SUN (3 WEEKS) Weekend BatchTimings - 02:30 AM to 05:30 AM (WEST)

Introduction to AWS Services

Learning Objectives: In this module, the participants will develop a good overall understanding of AWS Services.


  • AWS Compute, Storage, networking Services
  • AWS EC2 Instance launch Demo
  • AWS S3 Demo
  • AWS security model and Security Services
  • AWS IaaC with Cloud formation
  • AWS Auto scaling, Load balancing and Cloud Watch Demo

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