Advanced Placement World History - Modern

Because students have different needs and tastes, this book fills several niches, but not all. Perfection Learning did a great job of hitting the CED (the College Board's course and exam description), nail on head. The text is short and sweet. Good examples. Easy to read. Gets the job done.

As a supplement to other readings, including a spine text like Strayer, Tignor, Bulliet, etc., this AMSCO text is great for filling gaps and for review. As a solo textbook, though, I wouldn't recommend it UNLESS you're taking a lecture-heavy course from an experienced WHAP teacher, or you are a social-science-savvy junior or senior with enough background to contextualize these brief, to-the-point chapters.

If you're an AP World History teacher, as I am, you can find some excellent reviews in instructor forums that expand on this. DO be careful with the key. It has some errors. The Q&A are minimal checks for comprehension. However, I'm very glad my students got this and will use it again, especially for Unit 9. If you're familiar with the AMSCO book for AP Human Geography, this does a very similar job in a similar manner.


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