ATI TEAS 6 Study Guide: Spire Study System and ATI TEAS VI Test Prep Guide with ATI TEAS Version 6

The only ATI TEAS study guide based on the evidence-based method of Cognitive Recall, with a customizable study schedule.

Designed specifically for the ATI Teas, 6th Edition, this study guide includes:

  • A customizable plan to fit your unique study schedule
  • 2 FULL practice tests with guided answer explanations
  • 300+ total practice and example questions
  • Concise coverage of all domains and topics, including review items
Cognitive Recall is the science of implementing the optimal space of time between learning something, then reviewing it, and later quizzing yourself on it. Scientists say studying effectively is not a function of how long or how often you study - it’s the order, schedule, and timing of your studies.

Traditional study guides tend to be nothing more than extended versions of repeated cram sessions, which is neither efficient or effective. Cramming is the opposite of Cognitive Recall learning, evidenced by the extremely short-lived benefits. The memories from a cram session have been shown to fade away after only a few hours. That’s not an option if you are serious about passing the ATI TEAS.

Designed around the ideal timeframe of 30-days, our system can be easily extended or reduced to fit your specific schedule and test date. This ATI TEAS Guide has the functionality of a customizable calendar telling you not only what to focus on, but when to focus on it.


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