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Spin Rewriter Review PROS & CONS (2021) - Automatically rotate articles and rewrite content [Fr Review Ici]

Excellent tool, plugin or service to automatically rotate articles, messages or content is hard to find. Marketers know they only need two things to succeed online. The first thing is content and the second is the need to create value. In this review of Spin Rewriter, I will show what this tool offers, how it compares to other article spinning tools, and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

A few years ago, when Google released the Penguin update, things started to change. It was mainly intended to penalize unreasonable SEO methods such as frivolous hyperlink structure practices and also to put high quality content at the forefront.

All of a sudden, quality was at the center, and many sites were penalized. Since then, Google has made it clear that it will continue to focus on quality. But let's be realistic. Writing content can take time. If you have a site, it's not a problem. But when you have 5.6 or more, it can be hard to keep up with fresh content. You can always turn to Writer or other services that offer article writing. But it's hard to find a good writer.

Table of Contents

  • SpinRewriter vs Spinner Chief vs The Best Spinner vs WordAi
  • Automatically rotating items
  • Revision of the article on rewriting
  • Spin Rewriter Test
  • Versions of spin rewriting
  • Implementing Spin Rewriter with other tools
  • Support for spin rewriting
  • Rewriting of the PROS & CONS article
  • Spin Rewriter Pricing Plans
  • Who can benefit from using Spin Rewriter?
  • Conclusion of the Spin Rewriter Review
  • SpinRewriter vs Spinner Chief vs The Best Spinner vs WordAi

I have compared the 4 most popular spinning softwares (SpinnerChief, TBS, SpinRewriter and WordAi) based on the features they offer for the price. I did not take into account the quality of the results of their spinning content.

For more information on WordAi, if you need the WordPress plugin to rewrite a post and automatically spin a spinner, you can check out my post where I reviewed an interesting plugin that claims to provide readable results.

Automatically rotating items

I like to write on my sites. But I have few affiliate-oriented sites where there is simply no time to write or say something that hasn't already been said by hundreds of other people on different sites.

In this case, a tool to automatically rotate posts and messages on my WordPress sites would be useful.

The spinning software allows you to enter text (such as an article or blog post) and then create randomly generated variations of it by replacing selected words and phrases with synonyms.

Some spinning software also has the ability to rearrange parts of a sentence or rearrange the order of sentences within paragraphs.

The most sophisticated spinning software tools also allow you to "spin" into "spins" ("multi-level spinning"), which means that you can combine all these possibilities to create very different variations of the same text.

Now you're probably thinking, "Can't I make different versions of the same article myself instead of paying for software to run the content for me? You could, but it would take a long time to create variations that are different enough from each other to make it worthwhile.

When you use a tool like Spin Rewriter, you simply click on "spin" and you can upload up to 1000 variations of your article, each containing typically between 85% and 94% unique words.

Spin Rewriter is capable of all these levels of rotation. I decided to take advantage of the 5-day trial to see if Spin Rewriter 5.0 is really worth the time and money.

UPDATE: I seized the opportunity and purchased the annual Spin Rewriter plan for only $77 and have been using the latest version 7.0 (as of this writing) for some time. I have decided to update this post to reflect the changes.

Revision of the article on rewriting

Spin Rewriter is a web-based article spinning software, published in 2011 by Aaron Sustar of SmileyTech Solutions. With many advanced features and functions, Spin Rewriter is currently one of the smartest content spinning software available and has received excellent reviews since its release.

Spin Rewriter is a powerful tool that you can use to automatically spin articles. It uses algorithms to completely review articles and make a copy that no one has ever posted before.

Spin Rewriter rewrites content at the paragraph, word and sentence level. It also returns sentences and ensures that only appropriate synonyms are used. It is a very popular tool, and you will surely find a lot of praise if you check out the reviews of Spin Rewriter.

When registering for the trial, you will be asked to put in the billing details. You will not be billed until five days after the trial. If you are not satisfied with the product, simply cancel before the five-day trial period has elapsed and you will not be billed.

Using Spin Rewriter takes only one click. Simply paste the content you wish to rewrite.

Activate the semantic features (ENL) you want to use. It is recommended to enable all 4 for single content.

But I have noticed that when all four semantic features are enabled, the rewritten content is more unique, but more sentences need to be corrected as well. I mainly check boxes 1 and 4 because the rewritten content is then much more readable.

After that, you can choose "Start the rewriting process" to have a more manual and personal intervention on how the text will be rewritten. You can also choose "I'm lucky" to have more options to rotate the text. When you are ready, click on "Start Rewriting Process" to start the rewriting process.

In the second step, you can add a few manual keys before generating a rewritten version of your content.

In the last step, you can further improve the uniqueness of the generated content. When you are ready, click to generate a unique version. You can click to generate more than once, and this will give you a different content each time you click generate.

Once the rewriting of the content is complete, you will see how much % of the generated content is unique compared to the original. You can also retrieve relevant videos and images and include them in the content. If you have the login information for Copyscape, you can check for duplicates in the content.

If you are not sure about the grammar of the content, you can check the grammar and spelling or use a tool like Grammarly (see Grammar Review). When you click on the Preview button, you will see your spun content and all the images and videos if you have decided to add any. You can also compare the original and spun content here.

Spin Rewriter can take the unique article you just generated and publish it to any of your WordPress sites. You can even schedule your posts to appear at a later date that's most convenient for you.

Test Spin Rewriter demo

I've been testing content rewriting using Spin Rewriter for a while. Sometimes you get quality, readable content, and sometimes the content is not something you want to publish on your site.

It all depends on the settings you enable when you prepare to rewrite content. Depending on these settings, you may get more or less unique content and more or less need for correction.

Versions of spin rewriting

Features of Spin Rewriter Version 5.0 (2014)

IMPORTANT: Version 5.0 was released on October 21, 2014.

  • You can retrieve seed articles relevant to spinning from an integrated database of over 126,000 articles.
  • Processing speed has been improved by 80%, from 5 seconds to 1 second for an average length article.
  • The 1-click rewrite of a 500-word article no longer takes 120 seconds, but only 9 seconds.
  • They have integrated a state-of-the-art grammar and spelling checker.
  • You can now automatically insert relevant You Tube videos in the articles you retrieve.
  • Generated paragraphs and lists of your articles can be intelligently reordered on autopilot.
  • More features...

Features of Spin Rewriter version 6.0 (2015)

IMPORTANT: This version (Spin Rewriter 6.0) was released on October 14, 2015. Here are the new features:

  • Updated meaning extraction, synonym selection and sentence structure manipulation.
  • They redesigned and improved the user interface.
  • They've integrated WordPress, so you can now post to WordPress sites directly from your Spin Rewriter account.
  • They deployed native mobile applications for Android and iPhone (iOS).
  • They added a new option for former Gold (upsell) members to set up limited access for their VA.
  • Spin Rewriter 6.0 keeps an archive of all the rotations you've made so you can come back at any time and continue where you left off.
  • And those are just the highlights. There are many more under the cover that enhance the previous version of Spin Rewriter.

Version 7.0 of Spin Rewriter (2016)

IMPORTANT: This version (Spin Rewriter 7.0) was released on October 12, 2016. Here are the new features:

  • Improvements in semantic analysis (i.e. extraction)
  • A quantum leap in sentence structure manipulation technology
  • Manual review of the synonym database
  • ENL's semantic spinning can now modify the times of certain parts of sentences
  • Users can compare different spun items side by side
  • Integration with royalty-free photo sites (e.g. Pixabay)
  • The integrated video database is even more powerful
  • Users can now integrate specific YouTube videos (integrated search)... and much more!

Implementing Spin Rewriter with other tools

Almost all of the major software featured in the article that runs or links to the game supports Spin Rewriter. This means that you can run the content directly from the software you are using.

For example, Kontent Machine can be used to scrape content for campaigns and then run it with Spin Rewriter without ever going into the online article rewriting tool.

All you have to do is enter your login and the API key that will be generated for you once you purchase one of the Spin Rewriter plans. You are limited to 300 API requests per day (as of this writing). This has proven to be more than enough.

Here are some of the many tools that allow integration with Spin Rewriter: Rankwyz, Rank Optimizer, G Alert WordPress Plugin, Cloud PBN, Video Vantage, Article Submitter Plus, WikiRobot, Backlink Beast, SEO Content Machine, Amazing Selling Machine, SEOZen, WP Robot (see WP Robot review), uBot Studio, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Fresh Store Builder (see FSB review), and more.

Support for spin rewriting

I can't say how good the support is. I only contacted them once to test response time, knowledge and whether they are native English speakers.

I made up a reason to contact them. The answer was given within 24 hours and well explained. When looking for advice online, most users say they have friendly customer service representatives.

Rewriting of the PROS & CONS article

Advantages of spin rewriting

Many users have commented on the incredible features of Spin Rewriter, and you may be able to take advantage of these benefits once you have purchased or tried the product:

  • Ability to integrate with many other tools through the API
  • Ability to post a rewritten article on the WordPress site from the Spin Rewriter dashboard
  • You can fetch videos and insert them in rewritten articles.
  • You can retrieve images and insert them into rewritten content
  • A chance to buy a lifetime license if you are not willing to pay monthly or annually
  • Money back guarantee if you change your mind or if you are not satisfied
  • Trila option for 5 days
  • Affordable price compared to other spinners
  • You can access Spin Rewriter simply with your browser, without downloading anything.
  • Side-by-side comparison of original and spun text
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Copyscape integration
  • List reordering - detects unordered lists and puts items in a completely new order
  • Spinning of bulk items
  • Guides and tutorials

Disadvantages of rewriting

All tools have their drawbacks. Here are the disadvantages:
  • Suitable for PCs, but other operating system users such as Mac owners may encounter problems.
  • Often rewritten content requires too many manual corrections
  • At the time of writing, you must pay an additional fee for the WordPress plugin.

Spin Rewriter Pricing Plans

In a world that is moving from manual to automated work, article spinning software is becoming more and more mandatory. Of course, you can use article spinning services, or article spinning software, but it will take time, and a long process of testing and success.

With the new version of Spin Rewriter, you'll have access to a lot of useful new features that will help you take article writing to a whole new level. You can use the tool directly from their website, or from almost any internet marketing tool with a relevant purpose.

Thanks to the easily accessible API created by the people at Spin Rewriter, developers can easily implement the software in their products. You can also take advantage of the five-day trial offer and test Spin Rewriter before making your final decision.

Spin Rewriter offers three payment plans:

  • $47 per month, which is probably the most expensive
  • $197 per year, which is the most popular and best-selling of the packages.
  • $497 lifetime payment, which is the most expensive, but after all, it is a lifetime license to use the software.
An annual subscription may be the best choice, as it is the most cost-effective of all Spin Rewriter packages. Take your time, try the trial option and decide if Spin Rewriter is worth your time and money. This tool will make your rewriting job much easier.

PS: Buy when you get a discount, as it's usually 60% off for an annual plan.

Who can benefit from using Spin Rewriter?

In case you're wondering if this software is for you, here is a list of user groups and applications that the product may have :
  • SEO Experts - They often need tons of unique search engine optimized content to publish to PBNs, article directories, forums, niche sites, affiliate sites and more.
  • Article Writers - Get help writing articles and sell them as freelancers on Fiverr or UpWork.
  • E-Book Writers - Easily write e-books using PLR or other existing content.
  • Bloggers - With Spin Rewriter, you can instantly create lots of content for your blog posts.
  • Small Business Owners - Small businesses because they probably can't afford an army of writers to build their brand.
  • Non-English speakers - Article rewriting software as well as a free grammar and spell checking tool like Grammarly will certainly help non-English speakers.
  • PLR Content Resellers - Take an old PLR, rewrite it and improve it to offer more value.

Spin Rewriter Review Conclusion

If you write quality content for your website, you know how long it takes to write a new unique article. When I first heard about Spin Rewriter, I was skeptical. I had tried spinning software before and had never been satisfied with the results.

There is a lot of criticism about Spin Rewriter, and most users generally say that it is not a tool to be relied upon entirely. And I agree. Often you have to modify the spun content you get using this tool.

When I tested version 5.0, I was not satisfied with the way this tool rewrites the content provided. In my opinion, it was too much of a manual fix.

I gave Spin Rewriter another chance, and I must admit that version 7.0 is much better. Spin is significantly improved, and many new features have been added while keeping the price affordable.

With the new version of Spin Rewriter, you'll have access to a lot of useful new features that will help you take your articles to a whole new level. You can use the tool directly from their website, or from almost any internet marketing tool with a relevant purpose.

In a world that is moving from manual to automated work, article spinning software is becoming more and more mandatory. You can take advantage of the five-day trial offer and test Spin Rewriter before making your final decision.
DISCLOSURE: Messages may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, I may get a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

Spin Rewriter Review - Spin Rewriter Discount 2021

  • Ability to integrate with many other tools using the API
  • Possibility to post a rewritten article on the WordPress site
  • You can search for videos and images
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Affordable price compared to other spinners
  • Copyscape integration
  • Spinning of bulk items

  • Often rewritten content requires too many manual corrections
  • At the time of writing, you must pay an additional fee for the WordPress plugin.

Spin Rewriter Discount 2021

Unlimited articles | ENL Spinning Algorithm | Bulk Spinning | Mass Export

Spin Rewriter bonus 

  • Bonus #1: Video module
  • Bonus #2: 10 free seed articles

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